Hey there, do you love to work out? Even if you don’t love to work out this article will make squats an easy job for you. Squats are a staple of every lower-body exercise. Whatever your objective, there is no better exercise for increasing strength and preventing joint damage than the squat. Without question, they are one of the most effective lower-body strength exercises available.

Yes, we know that Squats can be a challenging exercise due to their need for balance and coordination. But the most amazing part is the fundamental movement may be used for a range of daily tasks, including sitting, squatting to pick things up, and stair climbing. The squat technique is important to maximizing muscle-building potential.


 Squats are a well-known exercise for building lean muscle

So you want to build lean muscle? Squats can do that for you. Squats work the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps regardless of whether they are performed with your body weight or with dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands or a barbell. You may simultaneously focus on your shoulders, arms, and upper back with an upper-body exercise. Squats may also assist in strengthening your core.


 Benefits from doing squats

Strengthening your lower body will aid you in countless activities, including running, cycling, dancing, trekking, and skiing and much more... Squats are a common kind of workout that most individuals do regularly. They make squatting to pick something up off the floor easier, lowering the risk of knee stiffness or back strain.

This exercise is popular among those looking to bulk up their buttocks. Combine weighted squats with other glute-building exercises like the deadlift or walking lunges to maximize your results. And there you GO!


 How to Do a Squat

  1. Hands clasped behind the hips, shoulder-width apart.
  2. After bending your knees, your thighs should be level with or slightly lower than the floor; thus, maintain them behind your toes the whole time.
  3. To regain the starting posture, sink your heels into the floor and contract your glutes while straightening your knees.
  4. If you exercise incorrectly, you may risk your workout.


 New to squats?

Can’t figure out where to start? Just grab a chair. Chairs are used to put ease on the joints while also helping you improve your squat form and gain the strength needed to go to full squats in the future. They also help you to be less afraid of falling while you're performing your squat (you can always sit down if you lose control). Practice makes perfect.

Squats can give you bigger booty

Want a bigger booty? Squats are effective for sure! The quadriceps are the major muscles targeted during a squat, with the gluteus maximus (the largest muscle in your buttocks) functioning as a key synergist (a muscle that helps create movement). To get a bigger booty, you should do gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus-specific exercises.  Squats will do just that.

Get started with SQUATSQUAD

 If you're having problems doing squats correctly, it's worth the time and effort to work on mobility and repetition in order to get it right. In the event that you get perplexed, SQUATSQUAD is here to help. Don't be too harsh on yourself, your greatest potential lies in the areas where you have the most space for development.