About Us

Helping you embrace and love your body for what it is and what it will become.


Support, functionality, and unmatched style are what you will get from our wide range of women’s activewear and loungewear. SquatSquad is an active wear clothing brand dedicated to making you realize that your body is a work of art. You deserve to feel good and look great for what it is now, while also looking forward to what it will become in the future with the help of an active lifestyle.


We want you to see the after workout glow before, during, and after your exercise. We are doing this by bringing you trendy activewear and loungewear that are designed with passion and masterfully crafted with quality materials. Whether you’re doing yoga, weight lifting, aerobics, HIIT, or even dancing, our premium women’s activewear will support your body for those movements while making you look super fabulous. Versatility is another value we want to incorporate in our collection of ladies’ activewear, so you can use your comfy leggings or tracksuits while doing daily tasks after an intense workout.


As a lifestyle and fitness brand for women, we aim to see ourselves as your go-to partner in reaching the life and body you desire. In the near future, we will release content and videos about fitness routines, nutrition, lifestyle coaching, and so much more. Be sure to subscribe and join the Squad to receive updates and exclusive offers.


Browse our collection, make workouts more stylish and fun, and join our community of women who are geared towards nothing but body positivity.